Ultimate Performance was set up as a reaction against the awful advice permeating the fitness industry. Nick Mitchell, our founder, kept meeting clients who were working hard, eating nothing at all, spending their hard-earned cash on training and never reaching their goals. Nick found this pervasive disappointment extremely frustrating. He wanted to create a place that focused on results.
UP set a new benchmark in quality personal training. We raised the bar, and as a result we have achieved amazing body transformations. Read about our company history below.
We now have a team of over 65 Personal Trainers worldwide and five gyms, with more in the pipeline. We are already big – and we have plans to become even bigger.

Ultimate Performance Company History

May 2009: first gym opens

We founded our first gym in the heart of London’s financial district.

November 2011: second gym opens

Our second gym opened in the exclusive Mayfair area of London. This remains one of the largest and best-equipped personal training gyms outside of the USA.

April 2013: first international gym opens

Nick and his childhood friend Joe set up UP Hong Kong – the largest personal training gym in Asia.

March 2014: second international gym opens

We opened the phenomenal UP Marbella, aiming to once again raise the bar in Personal Training. The gym is huge, with classrooms, an outdoor training space, and the highest quality kit imaginable. Nick designed it personally in conjunction with internatioally famous Olympic Strength Coach Charles Poliquin.

June 2014: third international gym opens

After the success of UP Hong Kong, opening a facility in Singapore was a natural next step.

…and in the future?

By 2015 we aim to open another 10 UP gyms in London and around the world. We are growing exponentially, whilst working exceptionally hard to maintain our unparalled service standards and training quality.