About Our People

We believe in having a mix of skills, knowledge and expertise amongst our Personal Trainers, and our people and teams reflect that. Some are professional athletes, others are models, bodybuilders, or compete in strongman events.

Our people are all in fantastic shape and take care of themselves, inspiring their clients through training hard and eating well.
Our PTs are regarded as the best in the field even when they join us. But we are not satisfied with merely recruiting top talent. We also constantly debate and test new training methods, trialling them ourselves in our team workouts before we launch anything with clients. We mentor younger personal trainers and we hold whole team meetings every week where we take the opportunity to teach each other something that one PT may be an expert on.
All of our team see themselves as long-term PTs. That means our people also personally invest in furthering their education. Several are studying for Master’s Degrees in sports science fields. Others attend courses all over the world in their specific interest – strength training, fat loss, rehabilitation…you name it, we have an expert. They bring that knowledge home and can teach their teammates in turn.
As a client, that means you have access to a wealth of expertise that we believe is unrivalled in any other Personal Training business. When you work with UP, you can be assured that we will not rest until we find the most effective way to help you achieve your goals.

Completely life changing

Sat Malhotra came to us a young man, naive to physical conditioning but he had a lot of spirit and

Dave “Bulldog” Beattie, World Powerlifting Champion

"Nick has a superb gym and a great attitude to training. Anyone who trains at his place can be assured