Convenient Personal Trainers for Happy Valley, WanChai, North Point, Quarry Bay, Stanley, Aberdeen, Repulse Bay and everywhere on HK Island – right next to Times Square.

At UP you will find an environment and culture like no other gym you’ve ever experienced.

You get a private, members only, one-to-one Personal Training experience that is focused around our key goal for all of our clients – results, not promises.

If you want a spa then there are plenty of better places to pamper yourself in Hong Kong!
If you want a rent-a-friend trainer then we are not for you. We don’t want, need, or even aim for you to “like” us. If we become friends it is a pleasant bonus, but it is not our reason for being. What we place paramount importance and urgency on is getting you to where you want to be with maximum efficiency and no wasted time.

Unlike other gyms in HK our trainers don’t try to sell to you on the gym floor, they are there only to focus on the client at the time and becoming the best trainers, not the best in your face salesperson, possible.

All that we ask from for you is that you listen, that we communicate with each other, and that your work rate matches your goal.

And these cultural reasons are why we’ve been heralded as “the world’s leading Personal Trainers”*.

We focus only on the things we are good at. Namely, giving you, our clients, the appropriate training, nutrition and lifestyle advice and the best environment to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time.


Ultimate Performance Causeway Bay
11th Floor Midtown Plaza II
1-29 Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

P: +85 279 89000

E: [email protected]

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