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A Message from Nick Mitchell, Founder of Ultimate Performance Gym

I am delighted to announce that UP, the world leading personal training company, has now opened our very own personal training gym in Sydney’s CBD.
We have transferred some of our leading Personal Trainers to Sydney, but much more than that we have brought our philosophy and our incredibly rigorous, industry-defining standards.

It’s possible that you are already familiar with our new location, the first of what we hope will be several UP Australia gyms, as we have taken over the Clean Health CBD gym.

If you’re aware of this site at all, you’ll know that it’s ideally located right next to Town Hall.
Forget what you know about the gym in its previous incarnation as right now we have completed an extensive refurbishment and enlargement of the current space.
We’ve added a further 2,000 square metres to the gym, built brand new changing rooms and showers, and are adding six figures of investment to the gym equipment alone.

However, it’s not the space, the kit, and certainly not the changing rooms that make a Personal Training gym great.

UP didn’t always have finances to invest in acquiring the best in class – what has made us the only international Personal Training company in the world, with a reputation that stands above all others for achieving maximum body composition results in minimum time for our clients, is the team.

We have a great young team that we have absorbed and are very confident that very soon the UP reputation in Sydney will match the UP reputation of our best teams in the United Kingdom.

I could now show you a long video that backs up my bullish claims with hundreds of “before and after” transformations, and you can see a selection of our results, but instead I want to reiterate the point that it’s not about the investment we are making to create the best Personal Training gym in Sydney, it’s about how we nurture, encourage, and grow our Personal Trainers so that they can deliver a consistently high performance for our clients.


Nick Mitchell


All our equipment is custom made from world leading exercise and training equipment vendors. We  insist on the best to achieve the the ultimate.


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