Ultimate Performance has always been an industry leader for body transformations, and it is for that reason that we continue to keep pushing forward. When we built our first gym in the City of London 2009 we always knew it would be just the first step of many to changing the nature of personal training worldwide. Fast forward 5 years and we have passed our incubation phase and are rolling out gyms as fast as the supply of quality personal trainers can keep up.  

GroupNow we are proud to present to you another spoke in the Ultimate Performance wheel: Singapore!

Our Singapore facility really has it all. We offer a vast range of fat loss and muscle building machines, sourced from Canada and the UK in the form of Atlantis and Watson branded equipment!


Of course what really makes our Singapore gym so special is the unique Ultimate Performance atmosphere that is present at all our gyms around the world. It is an atmosphere that promotes real results, approachability, ongoing support from both Personal Trainers and clients alike, and is an atmosphere that will leave you wanting to come back again and again.

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Do remember to also check out our Ultimate Performance YouTube Channel for videos filled with tips and advice from our founder Nick Mitchell! (@HeyNickMitchell)

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