Completely life changing

Sat Malhotra came to us a young man, naive to physical conditioning but he had a lot of spirit and

A Full-time Career is No Excuse!

Alan looks like a completely different individual, and we are very impressed by the hard work he has put in

62lbs of Fat Loss!

Scott, thanks to the hard work from him and his Personal Trainer, feels he is "three-quarters the man he used

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Aspiring actor Alex needed our help to get in shape for a big audition: "I took a risk and dreamt that

How The CEO Of Unilad Transformed His Body In Just 16 Weeks

You have to have been living in an internet-free cave, to have not heard of UNILAD - one of the world's

Focus, Desire and Dedication Got Me Here!

Dr Ben Henry is a man with little spare time, but by working close with us here at