6 Weeks Later and an 11% BodyFat loss!

Sean is a solicitor and as such works unsociable hours meaning it's difficult for him to get to the gym.

It’s so worth it, do it now!

Hetan was not dissimilar to many of our clients. He came to us frustrated with all the false advice he

A Smile from A Satisfied Client!

Amazing changes to your physique like this can only make you happier. We're not surprised this gentleman is smiling!

Blobby Body to Model Body!

Tom was so impressed with the results he acquired from Ultimate Performance that he gave us a real first-hand account

Truly Inspirational, Changed My Life For the Better

Brendan needed to change his whole outlook on life, and he felt that by changing his body and image this

A Full-time Career is No Excuse!

Alan looks like a completely different individual, and we are very impressed by the hard work he has put in