Gwendoline Christie, Game of Thrones Actress

"Phil Learney is much more than a conventional Personal Trainer: I have achieved goals that I didn't think were possible,

Ben Pakulski, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

"I travelled over from the States to London to specifically work with Nick Mitchell six weeks before my runner up

Bashy, Musician and Actor

"I hate Nick Mitchell, but in a good way.  He has helped me drop over 17% body fat and win

Mert Alas, World Famous Photographer

"I spend my life photographing the most famous beautiful people in the world. Who else would I have train me

Jon Lipsey, UK Men’s Fitness Editor

“UP and Nick Mitchell are easily amongst the top of the world’s leading body composition specialists”

Michelle Brannan, IFBB Professional Bikini Competitor

"I see Nick and the Ultimate Performance team as my secret personal training weapon to help me stay ahead of