Each client has very different needs and goals. We don’t apply a ‘UP system’. Instead, we conduct a detailed assessment of your current level of fitness, identify particular issues and agree very clear goals. We then design a plan to meet that goal, and will be realistic with you on timeframe and what you will need to do to make it happen.
We take a holistic approach to health, and will examine everything from diet, to sleep cycles, stress, travel, as well as training. Working with us is not just an hour in the gym. It is a whole lifestyle plan, tailored to meet your own goals. If you travel a lot, we will help you with strategies to keep your diet on track. If you’re a vegetarian, we’ll figure out a diet that works. If you have a history of injuries, our training plans will work around those.
Because we are so large, we can also ensure that your personal trainer is selected on the basis of skillset and personality match.
We can tailor a package to meet any needs, but clients most often go through our famous 12 week full-body transformation.