knew that I could 100% fully trust UP when it was time to take on the challenge

Every client who walks through the UP gym doors has a reason for doing so. They may not always know straight away but they all have their own goals, what they want to achieve and how they want to look at the end of it but what they don’t know is the best way to get there… and that’s where UP steps in.

Olivia, 22, came to UP to help accomplish her dream of competing in a bikini competition – but with so many horror stories of girls competing and being left to deal with mental health issues, eating disorders and losing nails and hair, she knew she had to do this the right way, with the help of UP trainer, Adam Hayley, and be sure that she remained healthy throughout the process.

Why Ultimate Performance?

I grew up a competitive swimmer but stopped quite abruptly during the end of my school years. I have always been in and out of the gym, mostly doing circuit/yoga classes and the odd bit of training but I soon found myself gaining weight when I went to university. This was when I decided to take weight training more seriously – and my passion for it grew enormously.

olivia progress shoot

I first started thinking about competing early 2015, but didn’t want to take on the challenge during my final year of undergrad. It was when I started my masters oddly enough that I thought was the right time for me to compete, to give myself a mental break from my studies in my free time.

I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from girls competing, so decided to take any potential risk away from the process and if I was going to compete, I was going to do it the right way (by going to UP!). I had been following Nick Mitchell for quite some time, along with Poliquin, and knew that I could 100% fully trust UP when it was time to take on the challenge.

What Did You Find as a Result of Training with UP?

My knowledge of nutrition and training has vastly improved.

I loved being able to pick my coach’s brain on any questions or queries throughout the process, at any time. In addition, the seminar I was able to attend during my journey was an incredible highlight, and fired a passion in me to learn more about how the human body responds to different nutrition and training.

olivia pull up

My confidence has grown enormously, which is showing in all aspects of my life, including my studies and outlook. I never would have thought I’d be on a stage in front of strangers in a bikini, and I’m still in shock how calm I was when doing so!

I’ve learnt what works best for my body, in terms of nutrition, training and rest, and how small tweaks can make a huge difference. I’ve gained a huge appreciation for all athletes, by being able to experience first-hand the level of dedication, commitment and focus required.

How did you find your general health?

My general health was great! I’m normally quite prone to catching any ol’ cold or flu that’s circulating. However, I managed to remain healthy throughout the entire process (despite those around me falling ill).

Everything went smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with the entire process.

Were You Nervous Going into Your First Show?

olivia bikini competition

I was extremely nervous in the weeks leading up to the show, and it was even reflected in my dreams sometimes!

However, on show day I felt completely at ease – knowing there’s nothing more to be done, and I can just enjoy the process. My family, partner and coach were all there to support me.

Knowing my coach, Adam, was there made me feel much more comfortable. Providing a sense of safety, I knew that if anything last minute arose – he would be there to help immediately. My trainer was there 24/7, whether I needed advice, someone to talk to, or answers to questions that I had wondered about the forthcoming process.

How Did it Go?

I competed in the UKBFF ZKK Classic Championships in the junior bikini fitness category, and came in second place. I qualified for the UKBFF British Championships, in October.

I didn’t expect it at all – and was completely shocked, but I’m over the moon to be afforded the chance to compete at the finals – so couldn’t turn down the opportunity!

What’s the Plan Now Leading into the British Finals?

The plan is to take a small diet break by increasing calories over the next few weeks, whilst reducing training frequency, before ramping things back up leading to the British Finals.

Would You Recommend UP for Anyone New to Competing?

100%! I would especially recommend UP to those looking to compete, as it’s so crucially important not to negatively mess with your body and create long-lasting damage.

The knowledge behind UP is unparalleled – and far removed from the ‘cookie cutter’ approach. UP really does prove how simple it is to achieve your body composition goals in a healthy way, and make it a lifestyle.

Has Olivia’s story motivated you? Find out more about Ultimate Performance’s 12 Week Body Composition.

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