I now understand what it takes for me to successfully and healthily lose fat and gain muscle

For some of UP’s clients, the biggest changes are not always the physical ones. As a student, Hollie’s university work took over so losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet became low priority. Feeling unhealthy, unhappy and generally sluggish, Hollie decided it was time to seek professional help to give her the push and the results she felt she needed.

The 12 Week Muscle Building Programme has never been just for those looking to ‘beef up’ but to build a healthier, stronger and happier body for anyone who wants it; something Hollie has accomplished with the help of UP’s personal trainers and is only going to continue.

What Made You Contact UP?

As a student my uni work has been priority so trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet was almost impossible. Until I started to notice that I was always tired, covered in rashes and even a flight of stairs would leave me breathless, not only was I holding excess fat around my stomach, arms and thighs but the unhealthy lifestyle was taking its toll and my body just didn’t want it anymore. It’s a mixture of those late night assignments and deadlines along with working that would normally see me eating my body weight in cake, fizzy drinks and junk food, and struggling to fit in any activity or workouts.

As someone who has always been into fitness and regularly attending the gym I reached a point where my results stabilised, I simply couldn’t budge stubborn fat. I had no knowledge of what more I could do in order to progress with my personal goals and my diet became increasingly worse. I decided I needed to be trained by a professional as well as educated with regards to my nutrition. Since following Nick Mitchell and Charles Poliquin online for a couple of years, I knew UP was the right choice if I wanted the best results.

hollie back progress

What Do You Feel You Have Achieved?

Wow, is there a word limit here?

hollie training at UP

I have achieved so much during my time at UP, surpassing goals that I had never managed to come close to on my own.

Physically I am the strongest I have ever been, both my strength and form in the gym have improved substantially. There were times that my mind would tell me that a weight was too heavy, another squat was impossible or that one more length of the prowler would be the death of me, and if it wasn’t for Sean, that would be the point that I would have given up.

My UP trainer taught me that I needed to have more faith in myself, that I could finish what I thought was impossible if I just focused and pushed myself harder. On my first day at UP Sean promised that he would see me reaching 110% of my potential and I can say that my biggest achievement has been doing just that.

Aesthetically, if anyone would have told me that in 10 weeks I would be looking into the mirror at my body and feeling confident, happy and strong I would have laughed and said impossible; now, 10 weeks later I am in the best shape I have ever been, and only striving to do even better and reach even bigger goals. Just having the helping hand, the nutrition nailed and seeing the progress in my health and shape has been enough to keep me on track and loving the process!

What Have You Learned?

One of the most valuable things that I will take away with me is the importance of good nutrition. I am thankful to UP for teaching me first hand the vital role that our diets play in our lives, I now understand what it takes for me to successfully and healthily lose fat and gain muscle.

hollie post transformation shoot

I have also learned how to structure a workout and been taught countless exercises, this is invaluable to me as I can now go to the gym and be assured that what I do will be furthering my progress.

What’s Next For You?

Although I am leaving UP, it is only temporary while I finish my final year of university. I plan to continue training and maintaining a healthy diet on my own in order to further my progress. I’m hoping to compete in a bikini competition this summer, a goal that I never had before I started UP!

hollie squatting at UP

Sean has been such an incredible personal trainer and teacher that it has only inspired me to look into a career in nutrition and personal training myself, I would love to help people change their lives in such a positive the way UP has changed mine.

I will be back soon!

Would You Recommend UP?

It’s the best thing I have ever done; the experience is something I would highly encourage anybody and everybody to do. I am glad that I chose to join UP as it has made way for an exciting new chapter of my life to come.

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